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Motion passed: the inevitable end of consumer fireworks in Zwolle, be it a bit late

As announced during the Third Theme debate, PvdD together with GL, D66 and a number of other parties would draft a motion to work towards banning consumer fireworks in Zwolle. Because the mayor asked for a broadly supported motion to guide him during the redrafting of the multi-year policy on fireworks almost all parties involved had to compromise. GL wanted a local ban to be implemented during the next turn of the year (23-24), but other parties wanted more time to develop alternatives with residents and with some additional steps in between. This is what all parties involved settled on:

The Zwolle City Council in session on December 19th, 2022,

Noting that:

  • consumer fireworks cause serious damage to animals, people, nature and the environment;
  • every year on New Year’s Eve emergency workers are attacked with fireworks and fireworks cause fires;
  • the existing fireworks-free zones do not sufficiently ensure that there is no more nuisance for all our residents;
  • in the debate on 12 December 2022, Mayor Snijders promised that there would be an evaluation of the turn of the year in Zwolle and of cities where local fireworks bans are already in place;
  • on this basis, the Mayor will come up with a proposal for a multi-year fireworks policy with the goal of a fireworks-free turn of the year.


  • a large number of mayors, doctors, police and firefighters have been calling for an ban on consumer fireworks;
  • it is not clear when a nationwide ban will be introduced;
  • the majority of Dutch people are in favor of a total ban on consumer fireworks;
  • 12 municipalities have already introduced local fireworks bans.

Of the opinion that:

  • a national ban on consumer fireworks is desirable, but as long as there is no such ban, a local ban is preferable to no ban;
  • it is important to include the citizens of Zwolle in a change that should lead to a new shared tradition;
  • in order to outline a perspective for residents and entrepreneurs in the multi-year fireworks policy, it is important to sketch our goals to set expectations.

Calls on the Mayor to:

  • to include in the multi-year fireworks policy a consumer fireworks ban for the turn of the year 2024/2025, with exception to a maximum of five locations yet to be designated. When choosing these locations animals, people and nature are taken into account;
  • to include a complete ban on consumer fireworks at the turn of the year 2025/2026;
  • to accelerate this transition if possible;
  • to collect ideas and initiatives from the residents of Zwolle for (working towards) a non polluting, animal-friendly and safe New Year’s Eve;
  • submit a financial proposal at the Perspectiefnota for all costs related to enforcement, talks with residents and alternative end-of-year shows.

I’m keen to see what the mayor will come up with at the Perspectiefnota 2023!


Image used at top of blog is: 4th of July Fireworks at Downtown Austin by Kumar Appaiah and is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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