Art. 45 questions: Possible problems with passports?

The first formal questions (called art. 45 questions) I asked on behalf of GroenLinks, together with CDA are about possible problems with identification documents in Zwolle. One of my colleagues got questions from citizens about their passports. These citizens were told by the border guards that their passports (supplied by the municipality of Zwolle) did not meet quality standards and that the municipality should not have approved them. This together with an Article on and a letter from Secretary of State Van Huffelen prompted the following questions.

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Motion passed: Trial period living together while retaining certainties (like housing or benefits)

During the Second theme debate: Improvements in the rules surrounding benefits and the entrepreneurs hit hardest by the pandemic we (together with the PvdA) asked for more information about why the alderman wanted to wait for a trial in Tilburg before changing local policy concerning cohabitation without affecting someone’s benefits in Zwolle.

The alderman sent the following information (in Dutch) a few days later:

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Running an air quality sensor for

On MCH2022 I attended a talk about Sensor.Community a Global Open Environmental Data Platform. The platform is a nice example of citizen science, with a large network of self made sensors that measure air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and if you build an extra fancy one, also sound pollution. Since it’s a nice project with clear instructions (Dutch, English), I ordered the parts when I still was at MCH2022.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I found the time to build the actual sensor. Assembly was super easy and this is definitely an nice project for beginners, with minimal soldering required.

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